Robotic Control and Production Systems

NACHI Industrial Robot Solutions

Japanese NACHI with a wide range of high quality industrial robots has long been serving in Turkey. They are ideal for many robotic applications, especially for part transfer and palletizing, polishing, cutting and deburring. All Products

OTC Welding Robot Solutions

Japanese OTC Daihen produces integrated welding robots with high quality welding machines and has also been serving at the Turkish industrial robot market for nearly 30 years with its wide product range. RTS Robotics produces welding process solutions that its customers need with OTC Daihen welding robots. All Products

AUBO Collaborative Robot Solutions

Rts Robotics is the Turkey general distributor of AUBO collaborative robots since 2017. More than 30 projects have been successfully completed with AUBO collaborative robots so far. Collaborative robots are particularly well suited for paint, take and drop applications. Cobots are among the new generation robot solutions with their flexible structures, light weights and safe features. All Products