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Industrial Robot Systems

Our company, which is a supplier of Robotic Automation, designs and produces robotic systems for different applications.

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Turnkey Projects

We produce solutions from feasibility study to commissioning.

Industrial Applications

Design, programming, simulation and robotic application commissioning.

Robotic Special Solutions

Robotic solutions needed with process development studies

Our Values and Goals


To provide the best product for every customer who wants to improve their business and to provide the best service about the product. Our aim is to understand the needs and to recommend the best solution by optimizing costs.

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Industrial Robot Applications

Our Applications

MIG/MAG Gas Metal Arc Welding

The solution for arc welding MIG / MAG, spot and tungsten gas metal arc welding (TIG) application needs ...

Plasma Cutting Robots

Plasma cutting method can be applied by integrating a mechanized plasma torch to the robot...

Transporting and Part Transfer

There are multiple options with flexible structure in robotic systems that load and unload machines...

Bench and CNC Loading

Robot and CNC machine feeding systems, in terms of overall efficiency, standard dimensions and cycle time ...

Press Loading Robots

Robotic Press loading applications, loading the sheets to the press sequentially, transferring between presses ...

Packaging and Palletizing

Parcel palletizing, Sack palletizing, Palletizing of packages of various sizes, specially designed holders ...

Polishing Robots

It uses self-designed power controlled holders for polishing operations. Calculation of abrasion allowance ...

Cutting and Deburring

High-speed motors for deburring, band disc or mop sanders, suitable where the process requires ...

Collaborative Robots

Cobots, new generation robot solutions with flexible structures, light weights and most importantly safe features ...

Very Fast Amortization, Flexible, Easy Programming, Collaborative Smart Technology and Cloud Applications

Industry 4.0 & Robotic Production

Robotic Technology

Systems that always maximize the production with innovations, provide maximum savings and reduce errors to zero are preferred today as a priority.

Why Industrial Robots?

Robotic Automation

Robots are your staff who work tirelessly in all kinds of business areas, safely and flawlessly, without the need for human factors. Thanks to its working performance, it pays off your investments in a short time without requiring additional cost.

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